Hookup Sites Are Dead?

I I don’t know who you are or where you came from, but you’ve managed to become one of my least favorite commenters in a very short period of time. You’re no less an attention whore than anybody else. I’m done listening to the whiny Manosphere bullshit. The only reason why you guys even posts on blogs like this is to interact with women. The idea that this has become a conversation about rape culture is fucking ridiculous.


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You’re more than likely just fatigued with the discussion in general — it’s been droning on for ages. I talked about it because I work with high school kids, and it’s a large part of our sexual health curriculum. There are kids on both sides of the fence who’ve been subjected to many nasty behaviors and none of it is pretty. There’s a very real problem with making assumptions about otherwise innocuous behaviors (like choice of clothing, or expressing interest in a mate). It may sound “whiny” to you (as do most people you choose to dislike), but there’s nothing whiny at all about defending a principled attempt at fostering communication and respect across the sexes.


In any case, I’m sorry you don’t like me but I found it amusing that you were able to say “I don’t know who you are” and “guys like you” in the same paragraph. I think you’re right though, I have no reason to be here. See ya!


If you are really that busy or work that hard, I’m better off looking for a woman with enough time on her hands to actually be present for a relationship. Oh. So you get to apply arbitrary rules as to when you go out on dates, but other people can’t? You can say that weekends are too valuable for a first date. But a woman can’t apply a similar rule to week nights? Good to know.


I wanted to say something similar to all of the “what’s wrong with you 9-to-5 people?” comments. I almost want to lob a counter-question back at them: are their weekends really that important? Is it really so hard to go on your date and meet up with your friends later if the date sucks? As one of the few single women in my group of friends, I like to think that my weekends will always be fun, but they’re rarely consistently exciting anymore. Most of my friends are with their boyfriends on those days. I don’t always feel like going out alone. A Friday night when my friends aren’t around is the perfect time to go on a date with a new guy.


I don’t mean to be unkind here, but you’ve kind of answered your own question and shown exactly what I’m afraid of. If you spent more time and energy working on your social life and expanding your circle of friends, you would be back to Saturday night being as consistently exciting as they used to be instead of having to go out alone.


I’m hovering around the age of 30. I don’t want my weekends to be full of crazy partying anymore. I don’t need more friends. Just because they’re not free on weekends doesn’t mean they’re not still valuable to me. Why would I pad my social life with people who, by virtue of the activities at hand, are bound to be significantly younger than I am? Guys in their 30s who pick up party friends in their early 20s are so pathetic to me.

You’re going to try to argue this point, but professional women my age (and older) don’t tend to want to date men who reserve their weekends for partying without them.