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O love to share my life lessons on all things, dating, and relationships with very little internal filter and a love of putting it all out there for the world to see, laugh about, and cringe over. Nothing is off limits as far as she is concerned.
text: One Paw Forward, One Fear-Based Step Back
Dear Readers: The BSG doesn’t usually answer letters this long, but Bitter Coupled Gal has been a faithful commenter on the BSG’s blog, so he’s happy to bring her some advice....
text: My Husband Flirts With Oher Women
Dear Love Helper: I am sad and angry at the same time. My husband is constantly looking at pictures of unclothed women in magazines and wherever we go he flirts with other wom...
text: Anatomy of Three Pickups
This is part 2 of my post on getting numbers and setting up dates. Read part 1 here. I’m going to present three of my interactions and describe why they worked or didn’t work....
text: Right now it’s long distance; Is there potential for a relationship in the future?
Dear Loveawake, I could really use some of the great insight and suggestions that The Guys provide. I started dating this guy last summer. (We’re both in our early thirties). ...
text: Why Would this Single Man Leave this Married Woman? Hello?
You know, sometimes the third sentence makes you spit out your Irish oatmeal with the blueberries in it. Today was one of those days. I have been dating this young guy for a...
text: Why is Lovawake a Free Dating Service?
Rather than treating our users like chumps and “selling” them on some bogus marketing one-liner, I’m going to take the time to explain everything rationally. I hope you can a...
text: Mature Dating: Understanding the real meaning behind a guy’s messages
We’ve heard that men and women are from different planets…Author Michael Gray has written a series of books on improving communication between the sexes in "Men are from Mars,...
text: Rhode Island Backpage Policy Goes International with Global Gag Rule Repealed
As women-in-transition, we often feel sorry for ourselves, overwhelmed by the obstacles facing us as we attempt to shed our old skins and prepare for the new. We are reminded ...
text: Sore Losers
As you may have heard, I’m back in the dating game. Over the past few weeks I’ve spent countless hours sifting through what feels like hundreds of potential suitors, exchangin...
text: Best Dating Profile Pictures According to Iowa Backpage Site Study
A study of 4,000 singles by the dating website Loveawake has determined the perfect formula for a fetching profile picture. Women attract 60 percent more attention with photos...
text: Hookup Sites Are Dead?
I I don’t know who you are or where you came from, but you’ve managed to become one of my least favorite commenters in a very short period of time. You’re no less an attention...
text: The 5 Ways You Meet People and What Each Says About You
In our ever-digital-dating-age it has become much easier to put someone aside for a few days/weeks/months and come back to them when you feel like it. As millennials, we are a...
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