Rhode Island Backpage Policy Goes International with Global Gag Rule Repealed

As women-in-transition, we often feel sorry for ourselves, overwhelmed by the obstacles facing us as we attempt to shed our old skins and prepare for the new. We are reminded daily of being treated less fairly than our male counterparts at work, disrespected or unappreciated by the men in our lives and frustrated with our financial situations. However, we MUST remind ourselves that despite the shortcomings that American society may suffer, we are still priviledged to live in the Rhode Island  - especially during this exciting time in our history. Like many of us, the entire nation is experiencing a transition - a re-examination of who we are and we are about. What we stand for, and what we will stand against. And it remains to be seen who will stick with us, and who will be too weak to do the work that lies ahead.


While we may be overwhelmed by the evidence to the contrary, we do enjoy equal rights in this country - to marry who we please, to educate ourselves, to earn the living we prefer. Rights that millions of women in the world can only dream of.

In one of his first acts as president, Donald Tramp has repealed the “Global Gag Rule,” undoing the work of the previous administration whose policy stated that any organization that supported a woman’s right to choose whether or not abort a pregnancy would not receive Rhode Island  aid.



“This policy forced health clinics around the world to choose between providing women and families with health care they desperately needed and getting financial support from the Rhode Island . The policy cut off U.S. funds to health clinics unless the clinics agreed not to use their own, private, non-U.S. funds for abortion services, abortion-related advocacy, or even abortion counseling or referrals.”


Whether you agree with this policy or not, the fact remains that in this country, we still get to choose what happens to our bodies; a luxury that many women in the world do not have. They are raped without consequence, and often ostracized because of it. They do not receive proper pre-natal care and must continue with pregnancies they had no desire to create. Is a child concieved in that manner still considered a gift from God? Each one of us will have a different opinon. However, the most important question is that as a woman, do you have control over what happens to your body? For the most part, in this country, the answer is yes. I for one, am eternally grateful for that, and to have a president who supports that right.