Why is Lovawake a Free Dating Service?


Rather than treating our users like chumps and “selling” them on some bogus marketing one-liner, I’m going to take the time to explain everything rationally.  I hope you can appreciate that.


Natural Selection


Putting in place a payment structure immediately weeds out many unsuitable  candidates. By committing something of value, even if it’s just $0.50 per day, our users are making a statement.  They are serious about meeting someone and are not just putting up a phony profile as an office prank or to see how many hits they can get.

This means that when YOU reach out to someone on our site, you know you are speaking with someone who is committed to meeting people like yourself.  Less games, less wasting time, more amazing people to meet!


Fraud Detection


The online dating world is corrupt with fraudsters, scammers, and other criminals.  By requiring and validating accurate billing information, we are inserting a very meaningful obstacle for wrongdoers.  Credit cards leave a record.  Criminals and pranksters don’t like leaving records.


You may think that fraudsters could find ways around this by stealing credit card numbers, forging documents, and other such tasks.  True, but wrongdoers prefer to go after the easiest, weakest prey.  Why deal with this payment record mess when there are sites like PlentyOfFish, OKCupid, and Zoosk?


Favorable Market Dynamics


Having a paid site, even when we are charging far less than our competition, enables us to tweak the usage dynamics of our members.  For example, by ascribing a marginal cost to each initial outgoing message from men, we save women from wasting their time on impersonal mass messages from guys playing the numbers game while simultaneously offering genuinely interested men a conduit to let their voice be heard.


Don’t Be Fooled – Free Chat and Dating Sites Aren’t Free


Sites that don’t take your payment directly have found ways to take your payment indirectly.  And more often than not, ads alone are not enough to cover the costs of running a website…. especially since educated, professionals like yourself don’t click on those ads, anyway.  So sites that claim to be free are actually monetizing your membership without telling you how.  They might be selling your profile to another dating service.  They may be selling your private usage data to a third party, who tracks everything you’ve ever done online.  They may be selling your email address to marketing email banks.


Ask someone who runs a free dating site to reveal EVERY sub-item of their revenue.  You either won’t get a straight answer or you won’t get the truth.  In short: You make a salary.  And so do we.  And so do those who run the free sites.  But some of us are just more transparent about where the money comes from than others.  We at Loveawake choose the high road.


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